Friday, June 3, 2011


i don't carry a man bag
or wear tennis shoes.
i don't eat in organic restaurants
or shop in the mall
if i can help it
i don't shave my chest
or my arm pits
i won't bow my head
when beautiful women walk by me
i look them up and down
and suffer the consequences
i like fast cars
and cigars
i hate man bashing jokes
and i put ketchup on my french fries
so what?
i like soul music
the blues
and the sweatin'
while i pump iron in the gym
i also like sleazy dives
i like wearing black leather
and motorcycle boots
and i don't give a hoot
for political correctness
'cause I know myself
and can walk the walk
i'm a man
that's what i am
so give me a bulldozer
a fast car
and dangerous things to do
i know i can do 'em
i won't disappoint you
this all is true
'cause i'm a man.


  1. Hey Rich....just watched a history/documentary about a 90 year-old-dude who lived in Wheaton his entire life. He describes the lunches his mom made him during the depression when he and his schoolmates would walk 2 miles to the little 2 room school house located at Geneva and Pleasant Hill. They ate sliced onion sandwiches, sliced pickle and sliced goose grease sandwiches...that his mom saved in a giant tub whenever they ate one of the geese they raised in the back yard! Now that's the good old days for ya! He ate goose grease for lunch and is now 90? What does that tell you?