Wednesday, June 1, 2011


my mind is set on this one thing
i can improve my body
pump the iron
run the miles
make pain my friend
eat clean
negate drinking and smoking from my life
and sleep eight hours a night
then the mind improves
there's a greater clarity

the payoff is now
as i sit in this glorious sun
i see no fat on my temple
i only see lean muscle mass
my quest began seven years ago
interrupted by surgeries and illness
finally after four years of battle
i am back to where i was before
thirty pounds lighter
quick reflexes and balance
increased muscle strength and size

now i pump the iron harder
i use heavier weight
i work more repititions on my abdominal muscles
and i keep on my schedule
i don't miss sweets
i don't miss sugar
i don't miss the booze or smokes
three navel oranges at night is my nirvana
i eat seven healthy meals a day
all clean fuel for the furnace that is me

i got my mind right
but i'm no better than anyone else
if i die tomorrow
or get some debilitating illness
i have to accept it
it's in the cards
but i know it's not my fault
because i did the work
anyway, death is everyone's fate

my quality of life is so damned good
'cause i did this one thing
i made the commitment
it became my life's joy
it defines my spirituality
it made me free
this one little thing
let me be me.

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