Wednesday, June 15, 2011


i was twenty-years old
it was a friday night
with a pixie-haired redhead
fabulous body
lovely face
a stone fox
she had designs on me

we left campus
for "funky town"
and a few pitchers of beer
some magic weed
now she was primed for love

so, we went to a house party
a lot of long hairs were there
freaks, bikers, bad-asses
but then some moron...
droped some STP acid in my beer
and off i went for a 3 day trip

i was "bye-bye"
and went of on a year depression
but the really sad part was:
that i didn't get laid
and as i freaked out
i saw the walls of the morris library...

then and there i realized
that the evil perpetrated against me
was done by a dude
who was probably riding high in her saddle
so i learned a lesson
at the gentle age of twenty
and thus began
my mistrust of man.

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