Monday, June 27, 2011


my mind will not rest
'til this issue, i address
strange thoughts enter my head
they're in my view
these freakish things, i must pursue
i know not why, i'm geared this way
i'm into "strange", what can i say?
the dead man's face
a hobo's gait
the circus clown on roller skates
ballistic nuns in hell-bent rage
a deformed thing inside a cage
fetish queens in leather wear
the junkies shooting in times square

there is such beauty in the dark
the light is nice, but it's not my art
i choose to harbor what is strange
don't judge me please, i'm not deranged
i can never trust what's "nice-y-nice"
there's so much more in grit and vice
so, on i go in my sardonic ways
i like the strange in all my days.

1 comment:

  1. The peanut Man, unused glands, Lemonheads and dirty beds, mirrors reflecting the long ago dead...there is a stye in the holy mackerel and big foot is eating macaroni with uncured bacon left behind by campers who are puking their guts in a river of bologna! Pray tell...who will save the red white and blue? That's right....the Mickey Mouse Club is back in session....everything is deranged...everything is quite strange!