Thursday, June 2, 2011


they came in great, wooden canoes
we shared with them everything we knew
and taught them the ways of the Great Spirit
but they were war-like
and did not share their knowledge with us
instead they devised evil schemes
and forced us from our lands
they disrespected all the living things
that we cherished with all our hearts
and they raped the earth
so we prayed
we even prayed for them
finally their president chief gave us some land
he told us we would be safe there forever
but he lied and more of our blood was spilled
many of our men took to drink
some of our women had to sell their bodies
our children ran in the streets
unkempt and uneducated
our hearts were torn out of our chests
to this day we pray to the Great Spirit and ask:

1 comment:

  1. Sad and how many times have people on this Planet asked that ...
    but there is no "method to the madness"
    Why !?!