Thursday, September 22, 2011


i pass time in many ways
in all the days
that i have left
time is faster now
and how!

so valuable
now i know
life is a serious game
i cast no blame
on no-one but me

for i now see
the minutes i wasted
so i made my pledge
not to ploy and hedge
but to go hog wild
and play with style
with action alive
no silly jive
will constitute me

i plainly see
to suck up the joy
and take each second
'til the reaper comes
and all is done
and passing time
will be a line
at my casket dear

don't shed a tear
get out of there fast
the minutes count
they don't last
so pass your time
don't stand in line
but please take a holy card
and remember me
when you're just...
passing time

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