Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Cosmologists have found that things exist that travel faster than the speed of light.
Physicists believe that there is matter smaller than the neutrino.
Current scientific specualtion postulates that, instead of one "big bang", there were many "big bangs".
Mankind is constantly searching for answers to mysteries.
We study dark matter, infinity, and metaphysics.
We are certainly more than capable of blowing up our spaceship earth.
We design systems that track movement of people and things, all over the world.
We earthlings are inter-global, inter-mobile, linked-in, and endlessly interconnected.
We have enough food and resources on this planet to make everyone a demi-god.
Everyone could live like kings and queens.
The new, happy people could concentrate on building security, happiness, and wealth for all of mankind. Creativity would abound.
All we need is a benificent, world government...one without borders.
It would be headed by leaders of great intellect and moral fiber.
If we accept the tenet that "man is basically good", the world could be saved.
A new age of wealth and prosperity would dawn on the horizon.
Naw...I want more than you.

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