Wednesday, September 7, 2011


rock me, man...
am i the last fan?
where is rock and roll?
did it die in some lost hole?
rock me, baby!
rock me all night long.
don't make me wallow
in insipid song.
give me driving beats
let me move my "feets"!
not those girlie songs
by gaga and other throngs,
of no-talent mundane dirge,
who cannot give me urge
to rock on all night long,
with good old hard ass songs.
so rock me baby,
rock me all night long.
give me anthems now
of resolution...and how!
springsteen, seger, dylan
bring on a new revolution,
of old time rock and roll.
come climb back from the hole
of mediocrity
and rock some more, with me.

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