Friday, October 28, 2011


bar-fly love is honest
he grabs her ass
she sticks her tongue down his mouth
they share shots-and-beers
they grind their loins to juke-box melodies
it don't matter that he has a few teeth missing
it don't matter that she's a hunchback
they don't notice these things 'til the morning
or afternoon, and usually it doesn't matter

they share unemployment checks or welfare
eat cheap food
sleep on yellowed sheets
shoot up with the same needles
shit in the same filthy toilets
wipe with the same stinky towels
but there's always a bottle of booze
to make love more real
and they fight and scream
but soon all is forgiven
and grudges are'nt held
it all lasts until one of them splits
or throws their partners shit out of a 3rd floor window
and even then they forgive and forget

but in the mausoleums of the suburbs
the perfect lawns and perfect coifs
the perfect rooms and clean towels
exists love based on other things
and imperfections are not tolerated
and unspoken hate bastardizes perfect love
and all is less honest
and perfect teeth tell perfect lies
as they stay together
and rot in the hell of their choice
and there is no end to all of this
and that is the horror of it

so choose bar-fly love
piss in the closet
vomit on the floor
fill another glass with cheap-ass whiskey
and know you will be forgiven
most of the time.

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