Thursday, October 6, 2011


there's a fish fry
at the VFW hall tomorrow.
(it's always on friday nights).
the parking lot is filled with mercury marquis,
cadillacs, and buick lesabres...geezer cars.
the flag is proudly displayed in more than one place.
families come there with children.
the drinks flow steady from the bar.
the prices are right.
and old time band plays music from all eras.
everyone seems to have a good time.
food is served from 4 to 8 p.m.
the veterans are of all races, and creeds.
they all seem to get along well.
they have one thing in common.
they served their country on foreign soil.
the bar closes at ten, so all the old warriors can go home.
they dream of their grandchildren and hope good things for their futures.
they dream of glory days, long past.
somehow, they remember their youth in fragments and inconsistencies.
the old soldiers remember the guns being bigger,
the fields of battle being larger,
the kisses from women being sweeter,
the country being stronger,
and i wake up from this day dream...
to watch these old soldiers hobble off to their cars...
like mid-day afternoon heroes at movie theatres of my past.
they and i know
they were so much more.

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