Thursday, October 27, 2011


happy birthday, darlin'
i remember waiting for you
your mom's tummy got so big!
i couldn't wait to get home at night...
and feel you knockin' around in there
i was waiting for the miracle of you

i cut your umbilical cord
and held your little pink body
all wrapped up in my arms
your mother loved you too
and took care of you so well
i gave you, your first bath
changed your diapers

put ice bags on you to break your fevers
it broke my heart to see you shiver
but i knew it had to be done
i remember four-in-the-morning feedings
i watched your pretty eyes get dreamy
and i burped you and put you on your tummy
then i rubbed your little back
to make sure you were asleep

and we watched you grow
we took care of your illnesses and scraped knees
i taught you to throw a baseball
to ride your two wheeled bicycle
and how to change oil on a car
your mom was always there at night
after working all day long to take you places
ballet, music lessons, sports, all kinds of things

i tried to pitch in as well, but i failed you sometimes
i hope you forgive me, 'cause i have no excuses now that i look back
i'm just glad i never stopped loving you
and that you were a good girl and forgave me for what i lacked

now, i see you all grown up
and i am so proud of you
you are an intelligent and beautiful woman
your husband is a good man
i feel that you are safe

i guess my job is done
but i'll always be here, if you need me
as long as i am able
so, on this special day,
happy birthday, darlin'
i love you,

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