Saturday, October 15, 2011


rock my world
get down and twirl
your baton stick
i dig your schtick
do it for me
little bee
i love you so
when you throw
those passes at me
with those big dark eyes
milky thighs
you're part of my dream
you're peachy-keen
my pom-pom queen
you're super clean
and nice and fresh
a cut above all the rest
of the college girls
in the football world
a barbie doll
sorority moll
so rock my world
just spin and twirl
do not much more
than a back street whore
with your stepford brain
while young men wait
for your hip swingin' gait
after the game
they go insane
but not me
'cause you're on tv
and my world was rocked
an eternity
of time ago

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