Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm a thrillbilly, man.
I dig NASCAR, redman and waitresses in short slacks.
Give me camel cigarettes, jack daniels black, and thrillbilly heart attacks.
I want tilt-a-whirls, shootin' red squirrels and lotsa fun with guns.
I can rope and ride, parachute jump and do the bump.
I like CAT D-8's, roller skates and I roll my own.
I dig sleeves of tatoos, drunken shrews, and bacardi rum.
Give me Travis Tritt, Johnny Cash and the monster mash.
I dig wrestling bouts and boxing fights and freaky frights.
Juke box nights, lotsa fights, and country bars, speedy cars are all for me...can't you see, 'cause I'm a thrillbilly man.
Give me country mean, Halloween and mean machines.
Every day is a weekend...ok?
I piss off the boss, 'cause I don't throw or toss with the likes of him.
I'm a loner wolf, a thrillbilly goof and I like it that way.
Ain't gonna come the day, it all goes away, 'til I draw my last breath.
I'm a mean rattlesnake, do you relate?
If you do not, take your lot and git outta here.
I'm a thrillbilly man, that's just what I am.
Damn it's good, to live in my hood, without a care in the world.
I work with the best, screw all the rest.
I earn my pay, whether it be night or day.
I'll figure a way...that's a thrillbilly man.

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