Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i'm gonna' live hard
until i die.
i'm one, tough sumnabitch,
until i find my soft spot,
or it finds me.
it's been a damn thing,
for all these years.
it won't leave me alone.
it makes the tears come streaming,
down my ruddy face.
it has cut channels
that meander on my cheeks.
i own the face of a woeful man.
i guess i cannot deny this fate.
it shows both good and bad.
it shows my humanity.
maybe this is the best part of me.
my body parts are going south,
while my memory fools me too.
i'm glad i'm human,
i'm glad i'm here,
i'm glad that i have you.
with all my scars and blemishes,
i long to love each day.
i'll walk the road,
i've rolled my dice,
there's nothing more to say.

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