Saturday, November 20, 2010


Saturday night is blues night in Chicago.
WDCB 90.9 FM, broadcasts the blues every Saturday night.
There's a lot of clubs in town.
People drink, dance and celebrate.
Some just stay at home.
They sit at old kitchen tables.
Pass around a bottle of whiskey or muscatel.
Play cards, smoke cigarettes.
Get rowdy and argue.
They may be smokin' weed or snorting up.
Shooting H or making love.
The party people are rocking in this town.
They rock all night long.
There are murders, automobile accidents,
fistfights, lovemaking, and butt shaking.
It's a tough town, Chicago.
Chicago is the blues.
The city of big shoulders.
The city that used to work.
Chicago is tough.
Yeah, tough as nails.
We don't take any guff.
We don't take it lyin' down.
We may have the blues,
but we've got moxie.
It's blues night in Chicago.
"Hey bartender...we'll have another round."

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