Sunday, November 14, 2010


He asked her, "Do you live around here?"
She replied to him, "If you call it livin'."
He met her in a bar across the street from where his rig was parked.
They shared a few drinks.
She was beautiful, but he was trashed.
He had been on the road for five days.
He was haulin' ass and a heavy load.
His eighteen-wheeler was tired, and so was he.
He bid her farewell, and went to bed in his sleeper.
He saw her the next morning in a diner.
She was flat broke, so he bought her breakfast.
She asked him for a ride.
He asked her where she wanted to go.
She said, "Anywhere but here."
So, they went driving west through Utah.
She was well-educated and told him some great stories.
He really warmed up to her, because she made him laugh.
He was in his mid-twenties,
while she looked like she was well into her thirties.
She was a looker for sure, in spite of her age.
It was getting dark,
so she suggested they bunk down for the night.
She wanted to check into a nice motel.
He figured it was alright. He couldn't pass this up.
He was whistling while he took a nice, long, hot shower.
He came out of the well-appointed bathroom with a smile on his face.
She was gone. So was his wallet.
He wished he was anywhere, than right there.


  1. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode..the one where George met a beautiful women on the subway who invited him to a hotel room...George was so delusional that he allowed her to tie him up to the bed...where after, she got dressed and stole his wallet! Very...very funny..... Men are easily duped by attractive women!

  2. That was a hilarious episode, Mike!