Monday, November 29, 2010


Snow means snow men and sled hills.
Slow drive times and accidents.
Rosy cheeks of laughing children.
Cups of hot chocolate.
I shovel snow with joy...for a while.
Soon it tires me.
Somehow, I still welcome it.
I remember clearing it off deep lagoons.
My friends and I ice skated in city parks.
We saw full moons, and felt brisk Chicago winds.
Night time skating was magical.
This winter life is for the strong and young at heart.
Now, I wait for the first snow.
My white, fluffy friend will be here soon.
Midwesterners will drink their whiskey and strong coffee.
They will sit in bars and homes.
They will stare out of windows at the snow.
They will picture their personal winter dreams.
Their dreams of past memories.
Present realities.
Future snowy wishes.
So many winter thoughts,
are brought on by the snow.

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