Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Someone launched a missile in California today.
The Navy claims that the vapor trail wasn't theirs.
How about the missile?
Cher is doing a burlesque show.
I'll have a six-pack to go, in order to watch that one!
Dancing with the Stars, is the World's Biggest Loser,
in my book.
I wonder who will be the next American Idol?
I don't think it will be poor Barack Obama.
He's still smoking cigarettes.
It's gotta' be rough on the voice.
Ex-Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich is pitching pistachio nuts.
People are dying.
People are being born.
People are fighting.
People are praying.
It's just more of the same.
But I detect new levels of weirdness.
Yeah. It's getting really strange.
It's getting stranger.
It's not to the strangest degree yet.
There's always room for stranger scenarios.
They recently released "Saw" and "Jackass" in 3-D.
Now this is "strangeland".
Maybe every state should launch a missle.
We can self-destruct.
Clean the slate in America.
We can all start over again.
We'll have a new game.


  1. I agree! There was a missile launched and nobody cares...especially the media! What's going on? President Bush is selling a book wherein he admits to authorizing torture? What's going on? Nobody cares! The president of MIT and the president of Harvard (both extremely intelligent women) agree that the US is still the largest manufacturer in the world and that jobs will soon reappear? What's going on when brilliant people are lacking common sense? What's going on? I have a guess...we have been invaded by aliens however, they are microscopic (invisible to us) and they have taken control of the majority of our minds. They have set up colonies inside of our brains and are busy reprogramming us for their own purposes which is to use us as a temporary host to harvest as much energy as needed to survive for another millennium or two and then move on to the next host when the first one has been depleted! Have you ever heard a constant high pitched buzzing that will not go away? That's them....the only cure is to drink at least 2 margaritas per night and then ingest mass quantities of cookies, ice cream (mint chocolate chip works good), and strawberry danish pop tarts while watching reruns of Roseann and infomercials about erectile dysfunctions! We are doomed!

  2. I like the way you think Mike! We are insane!...thanks for stopping by, Holly!...Stay away from Mike, Holly!...He is strange, like me!