Sunday, November 28, 2010


My wife is dragging all the decorations out of the basement and garage today. It's the post-Thanksgiving continuation of shopping frenzy. Now we all get to enjoy the decoration "hullabaloo". I hide in my study and watch college football. I don't really like most of the games, but as long as Debbie hears the roar of the crowd, I am relatively safe from doing any work. I will watch snippets of the Notre Dame vs. USC tonight, during commercial breaks.

I love Notre Dame, probably because I saw the film "Rudy", at least fifteen times. I also went to an Irish Catholic high school. I hide in my studio and read Bukowski. So much for Christmas cheer. My family bought me an Ebenezeer Scrooge sweatshirt a number of years ago. I think I gave it away to the American Veteran's Society. I don't remember.

I don't like watching replays of old Christmas movies or wearing reindeer slippers. I used to love Christmas when I drank alcoholically. I had a wonderful excuse to buy extra bottles of expensive Scotch and Liquers. Everyone was my friend, when I was a drunk at Christmas time. I sang Christmas carols and cried when I watched Frank Capra's great movie, "Its A Wonderful Life". Christmas is for drunks, children, and people who are still lucky enough to have a "twinkle in their eyes".

I guess I do like Christmas after all. I'm just a lazy, selfish man who doesn't like putting up Christmas decorations. Shame on me! Maybe I should start drinking again. Naw. That's just the alcoholic demon speaking to me. I'd rather be sober and "Scroogelike".

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