Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's November 2nd and I voted today.
I'm happy to say.
I voted for a despicable man.
I know he'll pull scams!
But mostly for MY interests.
It's the American way!
What can I say?
We lie, steal and cheat.
We're light on our feet.
We talk out of both sides of our mouths.
We're the masters of clout.
I hope my man wins.
Although he has sins,
My vote counted today.
On a more serious note.
It's a sorrowful vote.
The Repubs and the Dems,
Are none of my friends.
They just serve the rich.
This is the hitch.
They'll increase their pay.
Then just run away.
With the money I earned.
They might serve two terms.
It's the land of the free!
What's in it for me?


  1. Absolutely nuthin...uh hah...uh hah....what did you accomplish...uh hah....uh hah...free trade? Uh hah, uh hah...free trade...what is it good for? Absolutly nuthin...uh hah! Goodbye middle incomes...hello working poor...you got nuthin ta complain about...you voted for it! Uh hah...you voted for your jobs to be shipped over shore...uh hah...you voted for the Chinese cause you voted for corporations who do not care about you...they only care about their own corporate score!