Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sundays are good days.
I appreciate them more now, since I am older.
I don't have a hangover anymore on Sundays.
I quit drinking 8 years ago.
I wake up early on Sunday mornings.
I read my big Sunday Chicago Tribune.
I love slowly drinking my coffee.
I don't have to hack and cough as I light a cigarette.
I quit those lousy things 6 years ago.
I usually go to the gym for an easy workout.
I return home to the smells of my wife's great cooking.
On Sundays, I eat anything I want.
There's no diet on Sunday.
I feel energized from my workout.
I'm so grateful for all of these things.
I know I'm loved by my wife and daughter.
I appreciate my home.
I'm retired now, so every day is like a Sunday.
On Sunday, I thank God for all of these gifts.
I try to keep an attitude of gratitude,
not only on Sunday, but through the entire week.
Sundays are for prayer and meditation.
They are for family and recreation.
I use Sundays to recharge my body and my mind.
I don't rush around.
Today, I eat, read, and watch football on TV.
It's my kind of Sunday.

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