Monday, May 23, 2011


the best verse comes from laying in piss ditches
or fields of battle
or factories
or in dusty rooms
after popping pills that kill
the pain
and other things
the best verse is vacant lately
i have been vacationized
not radicalized
i've eaten too many good meals
stayed sober too long
and watch too much tv.

the best verse comes from pain
and horror
and comedy
and strange situations
not from the clubs
where men sit
and smoke cigars
and plot for more money
no it doesn't work that way.

for there is no verse
in rich mens yarns
only the bottom line
which is a line
i hate with such venom
that it makes me spew
words like this
and this is ok
even if it is
mediocre verse
but, it is better than
what i read
in the newspapers.

so maybe if i stumble for a few lines
and search for my muse
it will come back to me
for it has been too long
and my soul screams
not for the comfort of things
but for the piss ditch
once again.

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