Saturday, May 14, 2011


his blue suit was as wrinkled as his face.
his trouser seat was shiny,
as he reached up and stretched his hands to the stars.
the audience laughed at him.
he grabbed his well-worn guitar out of a battered case.
many ignored him, but those who kept watching...
jeered, laughed, and threw refuse at him.
he stared blankly at them, as he went about his business.
they continued to laugh and shout insults in his direction.
the latest techno-factory produced loudly blared music.
the club speakers throbbed with this nonsense.
it was an insistent pounding of mediocrity.
the old man ignored it all.
then the house music stopped to the crowds dismay and anger.
a great wave of boos and catcalls filled the room.
finally, the old man turned on his amplifier.
he plugged in, and just stared at the crowd.
it was as if he demanded silence.
then magically, it finally came.
his fingers moved at rocket speed,
as the sweetest sounds emerged.
the jeers turned into cheers in a jack-split second.
he owned them now, 'cause he was a rock and roll star.

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