Tuesday, May 10, 2011


i dreamt of eating ribs
i enjoyed them last week
at marlowes
est. 1974
on elvis presley blvd.
not to hot
just spicy enough
tangy damned bbq sauce it was!
and meat that fell off the bone
wet ribs
and hot waitresses
cheaper t-shirts and elvis memorabilia
and all was good
being picked up by a pink limo
i ordered the ride on a pink telephone
from the heartbreak hotel
in memphis
amazingly, the limo ride was free
i tipped my driver a fiver
and karma took me
to culinary delights
and good intel from my driver
for other sites
on a hot summer night
and my love looked into my eyes
and i felt her warmth
and saw the sauce on her cheek
as we walked hand-in-hand
past graceland

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