Sunday, May 8, 2011


we rolled through rural illinois
went through cairo after they blew the dikes
wept when we saw all the devastation
water on farmlands
people flooded out
illinois, missouri, arkansas, memphis tennessee.
we partied on beale street
mud island disappeared
the blues are for real in southern illinois
they are for real in the mid south
graceland brings in the "moolah"
i heard that lisa marie nets a million a month
the bbq at marlowes in the best in town
we came back yesterday because the rains started again
we saw them sandbagging on I-57
just north of cairo
yeah, we heard the blues
we saw the blues first hand
it's good to be home
but don't forget to throw a few bucks
toward the relief funds
for the people devastated by these rains

1 comment:

  1. Did you know that Memphis is the hub and world headquarters of Fed EX? Lot's of stuff goin through there! Did you see the Martin Luther King Civil Rights Museum?