Wednesday, May 25, 2011


i don't need a 4-G network
a kindle
a freakin' ipad
what i need is a conversation
like the kind we had
around kitchen tables
or decrepit coffee shops
when people knew about history
and philosophy was king
when tv was put second
and people didn't text
and now they text each other
when they are in the same room
and avoid eye contact
no one wants conversation
or knows about mickey mantle
or cares about geography
or history
or the great books
or fellowship
we just rush to nowhere
in this vast wasteland
of garbage
and the morality of the great society
has gone the way
of lady gaga
simulating sex
on american idol
so i sit and talk to myself
and mutter epitaphs
no one hears
but i continue
for things just ain't right
but i remember
my network was real.

1 comment:

  1. With the ease and richness of the 4G and the Internet one might might believe... that with real news and real time communication to the other side of the planet that somehow man would become enlightened and empathetic to other cultures and populations and have respect for their beliefs....but no! Instead we have more disinformation, more propaganda, more misunderstandings, more confusion and more stupidity!