Sunday, May 29, 2011


we do remember
our boys and girls
too soon they had to grow up
they saw the terror of war
bloodied torsos
mental anguish
the horror.

the real heroes are the ones
who gave their lives
their limbs
their minds
not the bloody hollywood movies
that glorify the bullshit
or the fat, uncaring manipulators...
who put up the national boundaries
and unceasingly tell lies
through the history of mankind
and rape our mother earth
they are truly responsible.

the universal soldier
dies for these lies
and we continue the madness
kings, presidents, and corporates...
make us pledge allegiance
to thousands of flags of many colors
for their own personal gains.

so we are the fodder
we are the dead
and we are the damned
and then we come home
to countries that have failed us
and our countries turn there faces
to our wounds
and we are invisible
because we have seen too much.

so now our personal armaggedon
becomes the death of the world
because greed will not allow
a world government and peace
there will be no true humanity
without a world under one flag

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