Friday, May 27, 2011


she had looks
big dark eyes
long eyelashes
framed in mascara
dark, large orbs
flashing with sweet life
holding men in her gaze.

These men were frozen
like bucks imprisoned in cold night air
as they looked into inescapable headlamps

her red, pouty lips were
so moist
so inviting
they begged to be kissed
but she was emotionless
like a doll...

and she had a black heart
that was cold as stone
a monster she was
just like Chuckie's bride
of horror movie fame

but the men lined up anyway
and were dispatched willy-nilly
one by one
with empty pockets and broken hearts

and they told their stories
of her black magic
and evil webs
as they remembered mistakes
in their later years
when pain subsided

and in a final summation
the men all said:
"she was pretty as a doll".

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