Sunday, July 24, 2011


i wish i could hit the heavy bag,
but arthritic wrists and calcium deposits
are too painful for me.
I wish i could dance on my toes
like i did in my prime,
but my legs aren't there anymore
i wish i still had my balance
and could rat-a-tat on a speed bag.
bang!...bang!...two lefts, then a right cross
bob and weave...
i desire these things
i dance and shadow box
my mind goes to the past
illusory dreams
advice from trainers
go to the body, the head will die
defend yourself at all times
jab and counter punch
breathe and keep your hands up
the sweet science
i see the kids in the gym
i correct their form
show them how to throw a punch
rotate and drive
flick those gloves
pop! pop! pop!
the smell of the gym
the sweat
the dedication
i still hang out there
like an old ghost
and they still embrace me
like an old relative
that is enough.

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