Wednesday, July 20, 2011


she stabbed me in my heart
with a knife so sharp
that a white heat seared my head
there was nothing left unsaid
as i sat in disbelief
and looked at her pretty feet
i was a slack-jawed entity
nothing left inside of me
i no longer could be free

the untruths that i heard
emerged with every word
succinctly put by she
denied reality
made a monster out of me
as she stabbed me in my heart

this person that i love
flesh of my flesh
blood of my blood
hung me on my cross
desperate was my loss
for words explaining this
i so longed for her kiss

but she stabbed me in my heart
so dangerous was her art
of doing these same things
year after year it brings
me closer to my grave
she might just rue the days
she stabbed me in my heart

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