Thursday, July 7, 2011


the oldest son resented the old man
the youngest one loved him
the old man was a drunk
sometimes he could be mean
but he loved the young one
they sat together often

on the porch on hot summer nights
they listened to baseball games
the old man taught the boy
about many things
the boy watched the old man smoke
and drink his cocktails
he helped the old man to bed
he chose to accept his father's flaws
he listened and he learned from him
the young boy never showed any disrespect
the boy grew into a man, and saw the truth
yet, he wasn't embittered by it

when the old man died
the youngest brother inherited a gold watch
and a diamond ring
they originally were owned by his grandfather
the older brother was quite wealthy by this time
the younger one not so well off
the older brother wanted what was rightfully his
the young brother wouldn't give them up

the offer was overly generous
but the younger brother realized
that a price could not be put on special things
he never would sell
he smiled, because he knew he made the right decision
love, not money was the answer.

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