Monday, July 4, 2011

MY 4TH OF JULY (that is poorly written and doesn't rhyme)

bombs bursting in air
trash everywhere
the ones who blast 'em
won't clean up
they don't care

fires on the rooftops
police ain't enough
damage to autos
fights do ensue
no money for fireworks
so what?'s Americas due!

they blow off their fingers
they generate trash
they call me curmudgeon
a foolish old ass

they spray toxic bug spray
all over themselves
to keep mosquitoes at bay
then on to cheap-assed carnivals
whoopee! hey-hey!

a forty-something fat guy
blowing bombs in the street
no children are there
his mind in defeat
(and i wonder...why?)
well, hot damn! it's the 4th of july!

i've lived through 62 of these things
i could care less
it's banal, it stinks...
a real fucking mess

at least i'm locked up
where it's cool and no fumes
of sulfur can cause me alarm
i'm not going out for the holiday charm

i'm a crank and a grouch
but i don't really care
i listen to beethoven
i read proust
all snug in my chair
i'm in my sound-proofed studio
breathing fresh air.

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