Tuesday, July 5, 2011


he was a man/child
a frightened little boy
who mesmerized with great aplomb
vast crowds of girls and boys
he lived on lonely street
in a place named heartbreak hotel
and in his dark, expansive rooms
he lived his private hell
he prayed aloud to jesus
"oh lord, how great thou art"
he always sung his gospel roots
he really played his part
his mistress wasn't alcohol
the pills were his dark art
he romanced many ladies
but he always was aloof
he was the "king" onstage
this should have been his proof
but inside, he was just a child
this was his only truth
he collected wealth, awards, and fame
he had more fun than God
he never lost his boyish charm
yet, he always felt so odd
this little boy named elvis
i hope he rests in peace
his wondrous music lives on still
in poems such as these

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