Saturday, July 16, 2011


Sun's up!
I'm ready to travel on dusty roads.
My thumb is out.
Beer cans are thrown at me from passing cars.
I have newspapers stuck in the soles of my shoes.
They work to ease the "souls" of my feet!
There is sweat on my brow.
In fact, I stink.
My dusty roads call to me.
A beat-up car stops for me.
The door swings open.
I assess the driver with my vagabond eyes.
He looks alright, so I take the ride.
I borrow a smoke, and take a pull off his whiskey bottle.
This is freedom, man!
It's the end of the line, and we part friends.
I go down the road and keep walkin'.
I put my thumb out on the dusty road.
I hike 'til the sun is setting.
It's a beautiful world out there, man!
I look to find shelter.
Somewhere safe, out of the elements.
I score a room in back of a bar.
I wash glasses all night.
I even get free drinks and a meal.
I hunker down with my belly full.
The covers are musty, but I am warm and happy.
The red sun will come up tomorrow.
It will guide me to more dusty roads.
I'm smiling as the rain hits my face.
I realize this is my adventure.

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