Thursday, July 28, 2011


I went to my local Border's Book Store, today. All the advertistments I saw, said: "40% off". These were ads I observed in the Chicago Tribune, and in emailings to me from Borders. I wanted to purchase, "Chicago--City on the Make", by the great Nelson Algren. He's a gritty/urban, cigarette smoking Chicago writer who wrote great verse about hillbillies, prostitutes, bums, and all the dark things that I love about our great city, in the 1950's.

Borders didn't have the book...They never had it...No wonder they went "belly up"...Chapter 11...What the hell???...A Chicago bookstore without one of its main writers? An Iconic writer like Algren!...well, shut my mouth!

This is a Chicago book store, by God! I bet old Stuart Brent woulda' had it! I had to settle for "A Walk on the Wild Side", by Algren...It was the last copy they had...geez...and it was only 10% off.

screw the big bookstores
screw the kindle
and screw me...'cause I sell books on

The only bastion of sanity left for me is the "mom-and-pop" bookstores, where a book is a book, and can be had for a mere two or three bucks. The libraries are discriminatory as well. Here in Wheaton, Illinois...the heart of religious fundamentalism, my public library does not have ONE BOOK by the great Charles Bukowski!!! Damn those religious fundamentalists! They decided that old Charlie was too dirty and nasty for them. What in the hell is going on? Next year the powers that be will probably decide to burn all the books. They might as well put me in jail, for subverting young minds with my outlandish balderdash. That's allright by me! I can have 3 hots and a cot, color tv, a weight room, drugs, pruno, and a pretty well-stocked prison library! Social Security is going bankrupt, anyway...and I'll get good medical care in prison! See? Everything's gonna' work out just fine!

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