Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I threw coins on the floor...
and they all rushed to pick them up.
Some were on their hands and knees...
like pigs at a trough.
My evil distraction allowed me...
to steal their bills off the bar.
Larceny is in the hearts of all men.
My father told me so.
Again and again their greed proved me right.
I especially enjoyed stealing from the idle rich.
I loved watching their plight.
I learned that the best theives wore the masks of saints.
Money comes to those who have no shame...
or take great risks.
Now, I buy and sell.
I know where to buy and sell.
I am destined to do very well.
I also suppose I'll go to hell...
for throwing coins,
and stealing dollar bills.
You see, I studied greed.
It served me well.
There's a price to pay...
Do tell.
If not in this life,
then the next.
A man who throws coins,
to steal dollar bills, can never rest.

But, isn't it the rich man who says:
"To work is enobling!"
Yet, he drinks and makes merry, the night away.
I too, want the sweet jam of life!
Give me a situation devoid of pain and strife!
So chase my coins!
Gird your loins!
Hold onto your bucks,
or you'll be out of luck.


  1. One of my favorite Ditka stories is when after a tough contract negotiation with his boss (George Halas)he said to a teammate..."The old man throws nickels around as if they were sewer covers!"

  2. Coins, huh???? Luck is always on our side! xxoo