Wednesday, June 23, 2010


get rid of the mercedes
the martini's at nine-bucks a pop
give up the social arena
it's all bullshit anyway
screw the high-priced home in the burbs
don't kow-tow to your asshole boss
strip it down
take off that funky-assed coat and tie
get your lame ass outside
put on some jeans and flannel shirts
drink in dive bars
buy that Harley you always wanted
cash in your chips
buy a cheapo double-wide trailer
you don't need much more
move on out to the desert
breathe in the fresh air
it's cleaner than the city out there
go fishing and hunting
chop some wood
learn how to grow veggies
get a good yeller dog
butcher a hog
invite your new redneck friends
for a party every night
life is good
when you strip it down


  1. Strip it down, baby!!! I've always loved strippers!!! xxoo

  2. me too!! my drinking days, went to many cheapo gentlemen's clubs!