Monday, June 14, 2010


animals don't steal.
they don't torture.
they cannot lie or deceive.
they only kill to defend themselves,
or when they are frightened or hungry.
(although cats play with things...
that end up dead.)
I don't think mr. or mrs. cat,
realizes this transgression.
domestic animals are faithful friends.
they are always glad to see us.
they don't talk behind our backs.
they don't assasinate our characters.
animals don't pretend they are happy to see us,
when in reality they really hate us.
a human being knows where he stands...
with an animal.
conversely, an animal never knows,
how he will be human beings.
even when it is beaten and mistreated,
an animal will forget...
and be a friend to a mean human being...
up to a certain point.
some animals will fight to the death,
to protect his humans.
very few human beings would sacrifice their lives,
for a cherished pet.
humans kill animals relentlessly...
for fun,
for profit,
for food,
for sadism,
and a plethora of other reasons.
this reality happens 24/7...
all over the world.
an animal rarely kills a human being.
domestic animals are loyal, fun-loving and grateful.
some human beings lack the ability to be loyal,
complain about not having enough fun,
and usually aren't grateful about anything.
most animals are great parents,
and take care of their brood.
some humans have been known to drown,
and murder their children in beastly ways.
i wonder why we humans,
with so many skills,
rational minds,
and the capacity to do so much good
on this "spaceship earth",
choose to do so much evil?
we call the gentle ones...animals.
i think THEY should be called...
the true human beings.
for we are more animal-like in our ways.
we are destroying ourselves.
we are destroying mother earth,
and her bounty.
we are destroying the animals.
we defend our actions with words.
words are often twisted by human beings,
soliciting ends through evil means.
animals don't use words.
i like animals.

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