Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I want to speak to this congregation.
All of you listen to what I have to say.
You are a conglomeration of hypocrits!
That's right!
All of you, sit and listen!
For your declarations...you are hypocrits!
My moral affiliations are none of your concern.
I won't adhere to your perverse damnification,
of the TRUE written word, or the arts...
or the Constitution of the United States of America.
Truth and only truth, will lead to the citizen's emancipation
from false gods.
Your deifications and evangelizations are evil,
and worn out.
It's a new world order, you "finger pointing dinosaurs"!
Better take a good look in the mirror and be indicted for:
and commiserations with fellow hypocrits.
Your continuation to lie to us in media manipulations...
won't fly anymore...baby!
Your dissemination of fear,
and the documentation of your evil deeds,
will make it all clear.
All your paltry attempts at deodorization...
will lead to your excommunication.

You hereby will be punished for:
The exfolitation of our forests.
The asphyxiation of our citizenry,
due to our dependence of gasoline and oil.
The annihalation of our wildlife.
The appointments of blood relations,
and cronies to bureaucratic positions.
The commiseration of corporates and
politicos with agendas to steal from the people,
who entrust you with sacred duties.
The condemnation of the middle class.
The confiscation of guns and properties.
Self aggrandization.
The defraudation of the American public.
The deportation of American soldiers,
who served honorably in our American military.
The formation of private clubs which foster...
Statistics and generalizations which are constructed...
to deceive.
Last but not least, you will be incarcerated for...
the impersonation that you tried to pull off...
as "so-called" servants of the People of the United States...
of America...So be it!


  1. Now I lay me down to sleep...I stole it from my brother and had sex with the sheep! Hey...she wasn't bad! She baaaaaaa.....baaaaahhhhhd. just at the right pace! As I lay next to her she kept me warm and toasty from my neck to my feet. And she didn't resist when i had a second urge....now my life is complete!

  2. Gentlemen, I think you're both bloody crazy! LOL

  3. i know mike, and he IS crazy!...lol!...me?..i'm certifiably insane!