Saturday, June 26, 2010


3 hours on the road
to some sweaty coffee house
in damned chicago traffic!
i pay $3.75 for parking
"da mares" new strong arm tactic
5 people hear me read
the owner was thrown out of her old building
by the bank of america
it figures
a spend $7 in gas
$1.75 on a coke
my profit is maybe a buck
for 5 hours of work
i ought to wash dishes
the warm water would relax me
i could watch the departing buttocks
of tired waitresses
as they leave me with dirty bus pans
and scrungy dishes...
and knives and forks
that wound my hands
nail me to the cross
the arts are dead
my heart screams
to me, it was worth it
not many do it anymore
or do it well
it was my night to shine

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