Friday, June 18, 2010


I won today at Burger King.
I order two Junior Whoppers.
I think I paid, $2.39.
I noticed on the drive-thru window...
a posted sign, which said:
"If we don't give you a receipt,
we will give you a $5 gift certificate.
I always check my fast-food bags for napkins.
Lo and behold, there was no receipt!
I informed the cashier.
She told me to pull over to the front of the establishment.
I felt a little cheap, and sheepish.
She stared daggers at me...
as she handed over a five-dollar bill.
"Wow", I thought..."This is better than a gift certificate!"
I felt sorry for the cashier.
Then I realized, this is a good lesson for her to learn.
She must learn about American Capitalism.
I rationalized away my greed, and insensitivity.
I happily pulled away with a full belly,
and an extra $2.50 or so, in my pocket.
I made it my business to be extra careful in traffic.
Sometimes bad Karma can be a bitch!