Monday, June 21, 2010


The guy told me he'd get me a tv...
a "five-finger discount".
You know what I mean?
He told me, "A tv fell off the truck".
I trusted him.
Why not?
I took him around with me....
introduced him to some influential people.
I bought him breakfast.
I peeled off four C-notes...
and put them in his greasy palm.
That was last November.
Now, it's almost July.
Still no tv.
It was going to be a Christmas present, for my wife.
Whenever I talk to this guy,
he tells me his is coming over...
to make a payment.
He never shows up.
He's done this to me, 5 or 6 times.
He's fucking me.
I don't like getting fucked, without a kiss.
I sure wouldn't want to kiss this asshole.
I gotta' let it go.
forgive him...
forget him...
but it is tough.
I keep looking at the baseball bat in my garage.
I must not put it to use.
He aint worth it.
My action would be despicable.
If I broke his knee caps,
I'd be as low as him.
I should have listened to my wife.
She says, "Cheaters never prosper".
How'd she get so damned smart?
The true measure of a man,
is how honest he is, in relations with his friends.
My word has always been my bond.
My old man taught me to be this way.
When people tell me they are going to do something,
I believe them.
I am a man or my word.
Why shouldn't I believe the words of other people?
I guess times have changed.
Don't leave your bills or pocket change on the bar,
when you go to the bathroom.
It might not be there when you come back.


  1. DESPICABLE!!!!!!!! I promise to leave a kiss! Seriously, all we do have is our word. love ya!

  2. You are the best, Debbie!...I hope I see you either Thursday or Friday!...I am looking forward to meeting you!...Richie

    I will collect that kiss!