Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i'm aghast at the cast...
of clowns and hobos...
in travelin' shows,
who try to do me in.
there's a great gnashing of teeth...
i won't succumb to defeat.
i know you're out there!

they come willy-nilly to attack.
i never slack.
i watch my back.
i go for the throat.
clinging to hope,
that i won't go down.

they all want to be greased,
rabbis and priests...
building inspectors,
and tax collectors.
my house of cards...
aint gonna' fall down.
not as long as i'm around.
i fight this good fight,
with all of my might.

eyes wide open like Ali.
i sting like a bee.
take that! you bastards!
my slippery ways,
put them in a haze.
my elderly plays,
amaze them all.
they are a ruse.
i got plenty of juice!

i believe in me!
can't you see?
i'm one, tough, old buck.
i ain't out o' luck...yet.
so bring your best stuff on!
drop that big bomb!
right on my chin.
and to your chagrin...
i'm still gettin' up to...
fuck you up!

i got old man muscle...
a brain that can hustle.
so come on, you clowns,
i'll always rebound.
i'm set in my ways.
i'll never be fazed...
by your insane attacks.
i'll keep comin' back.
'cause i'm one, tough,
treacherous, summa-na-bitch.


  1. If there was a dull moment I don't think we would know what to do with ourselves! I've always felt if I am going to fall I am not going down without some fireworks!