Sunday, June 27, 2010


colors and shapes dominate my days.
seeing, re-arranging, preparing my prototype...
putting my personal jigsaw puzzle together.
i concentrate for one twenty-four hour period.
i must not forget the auditory...
nor ignore the olfactory senses.
do i want bombastic noise or gentle sounds?
do my taste buds long for sweet, salty, sour?
maybe i want them all...
but just in the right measure.
each day is my symphony.
i must be a keen conductor.
if i do not exert proper control...
if i favor one musician over another,
my sweet song turns into utter chaos.
i am not a dissonance appreciator.
my life is not angry jazz...
nor is it syrupy melodies.
new situations always must be considered.
i have to make adjustments of my machine.
i need my equilibrium.
i do the best i can.
i work one day at a time.
each day is a jewel.
i must treat them with respect.
i string them all together.
i try to create a beautiful necklace.
these thoughts, dominate my days.

1 comment:

  1. I try to create a beautiful necklace with these thoughts was AWESOME!!!!!!! Yes, new situations must always be considered. Life is just one great adventure! Great work!!!