Sunday, February 7, 2010


republicans, democrats, marxists, independants, zen buddhists, flutists, flautists, nudists...accept them all.
tip your hat to the bums, the nuns, the scumbags, the old hags, and drop a quarter in the cup of the schmuck who begs in Uptown, in front of "Big Chicks" gay bar.
he needs a pint of muscatel, and a warm room in the hell of the YMCA.

put your arms around porn queens, and magazines that your mother never let you read.
listen to the insane, the lame, the urbane, the tame, the maimed, the wild, the child, the mild and get your fix with the licks of hot jazz, pizazz!
don't razz other cats for their ideas.
grasp it all, don't fall, hear it all.
intellectuals, transexuals, ineffectuals:
"I saw the best minds of my generation go mad reading Ginsberg".
now they rap, scrap and nap...redact on uninspirational activities.
gameboy, ipad, so sad...and stock car races...i embrace them all.
suck in their humanity, for you need to see the virtual playing field.
this game is called life.
have the vision to accept them all.
prostitutes, pimps, players and chimps,
rednecks, jews, homosexuals, may snooze while i pen this,
but i love 'em all, just the same.
get over it. get over yourself. be top shelf. have fun with it all.
be brave and stand tall...
do what you do.
it will only help you, if you don't make fun of the fool and the clown.
have pity on Rush and Glenn Beck's vituperative pus.
don't let Pat Robertson bother you, 'cause we're all in life's stew.
politicians, popes, lawyers, and dopes...
bankers, corporates, rich and poor, need enlightenment...
of this i am sure.
accept the bizarre...
left handed guitars, dingy assed bars, and accept yourself.
there is no greater power in the world than to rationally observe life's insanities and not to be reactionary.
with a clear head, the job begins...
take action
begin with yourself
make a list of what is wrong
then fix it.
only then can you be a part of the "great healing".
yet, strangely, you must distance yourself from IT.
in your imperfection, your dissension, your suspension in this cosmos that you have designed...with your intellectual mind...
the light finally comes.
then it goes.
darkness comes to us all.
it will come to you.
i promise.
so, accept it all.
accept them all.
so you can accept yourself.


  1. Well that gave me a nice little incentive to keep moving on this lovely Sunday!

  2. thanks lee!...and thanks for reading my blog...I had a universality of mind thing going on saturday afternoon, when i wrote it!

  3. I ACCEPT!!!!!!!!!! That was really good!!!