Sunday, February 14, 2010


I want to think.
Give me games of strategy.
Give me chess, poker, the stock market, backgammon, crossword puzzles, and women.
I want to read books and periodicals.
Give me magazines and newspapers.
I want thoughts from conservatives and wild-eyed radicals.
Give me leftists, maxists, and John Birch society crazies.
I want them all.
I don't want video games.
Virtual realities ain't for me.
I don't want to mindlessly react.
I promise not to subject myself to capitalist pavlovian conditioning.
Don't give me Mafia wars or Farmville, for Chrissakes!
It serves no purpose.
I think...I think...I think...
My mind wanders.
The wheels in my head are always spinning.
This is my curse...This is my gift...
My dual edged sword.
The world is full of dualisms.
Fuck it.
Who cares anyway?

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