Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I want the road life again.
I like it when I'm traveling from town to town.
It's as if time stands still.
In a blur, the sun rises in the morning...
the moon rises at night.
Days bleed, one into another.
At night, gazing at the stars, I am alone with my thoughts.
It's more honest this way.

I am traveling as if propelled by an unknown force.
A happy finger of some diety catapults me.
I'm like a pinball rolling toward some hole.
I find the "fantasy niche" of a small town.
I smell hot apple pie, and black coffee.
At night I order Jack Daniels Black.
I can eat burritos or steak.
I do whatever strikes my fancy on the road.

I long for the road.
I like the lights of big cities too!
Broadway, the village, Soho, Chelsea, are marvelous.
I disapear into the arms of these places.
I know no-one.
This is my freedom.
I learn to exist on a smile,
a prayer,
my wit,
or my fists.
This danger and excitement give me joy.

The road is everything.
It counts.
It's not where I start or where I end up,
that matters.
What happens in between is key.
The "in betweens" are the now of my life.
I sieze them, and head out on the road.
Because, safe lives are not celebrated on death beds.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, it is freedom. You have many roads to still travel your journey is just getting started. Enjoy the open road!!! FREEDOM!!