Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dear Lord, take my sinful thoughts from me!
Make me not an anomaly, just a person who works for Thee.
Make me a man of my word...
Not the lying kinda' turd I have become.
Dear Lord, keep the cancer from me!
I'll be good. You'll see.
I have tests.
Don't let me wither and die like all the rest...
Those who I see, dropping like flies all around me!
Dear Lord, make me a vessel for all Your good works.
I'm usually an asshole, a clod, or a jerk.
I wont drink or drug, chase women or pee...
In the dark of night, in abandoned alleys.
I won't pee on dumpsters, in back of bars, or on the walls of Holy Churches.
This is not the 'me' I want to be.
Dear Lord, make me a family man...
Not a guy chasing hookers, or pulling weird scams.
Make me truthful, humble, and right...
Not a rapscallion, always ready to fight...
Over things that don't really matter, in Your big scheme of things.
Dear Lord, I promise that if you save me this time...
I'll better the world with actions so kind...
I will blow Your mind...infintesimally!
If this is possible, You will see a new and better me.
A man among men, I promise to be! For you are my Lord!
Dear Lord, each prayer I've said, You've answered so far...
But there is so much more! So I'll go to the bar and pray some more...
Then wait and see what you have in store.
A few shots of whiskey, a dance with a 'chick'...
Won't make me dishonest...or an evil old prick!
I'm only human, imperfect, You see?
You understand Lord, You're the guy who made me!
So if I sin, please forgive me. I'm just a mortal, and I gotta' pee...
And do other nefarious things.
Dear Lord, They're closing the bar now, and I'm in my cups.
I did my best today, it just wasn't enough.
I'll start tommorow, then You will see...
How good a man, I really can be!

from: Chicago Stories and Other Thoughts from a Working Class Guy...available on

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