Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hi God! What are You doing today?
Do You sit in Your garage, way up in heaven...
drinking beer on warm summer nights?
I bet You like to look at the twinkling stars You made,
as much as I do.
I bet You have a couple of nice cats to love, or maybe a faithful dog.
I want to thank You for another day,
and for giving me such a nice life.
I used to think You were unfair, and trying to hurt me.
But the older I got, I saw what Your plan was,
and how much wiser You are than me!
I know You love me, more than I could ever love You.
This makes me sad...but I shouldn't cry...
'cause I feel You smiling at me, right now.
I've come to realize how foolish I am.
I create problems for myself which don't exist in reality.
Can I get you another beer, God?
Oh!...Ok!...Yes...A couple is good enough?...
The middle path, eh?
You are so smart!
You made a woman for me.
She is like a mirror when I look into her.
I see a reflection of myself.
I see my mistakes.
Because of this, she makes me a better man.
There is so much more I want to say to You,
but I know You must be very busy,
and need Your rest for tomorrow's work.
Thanks a lot for letting me stop in again, un-announced.
You know You're one of my best friends?
I love You 'cause you never give up on me.
You let me see that the world will still spin without me.
Through my mistakes, You let me build character inside myself.
You help me become more honest and tolerant.
You teach me not to be reckless with other peoples hearts.
This, I think is Your greatest gift to me.
See You tommorow God!
I promise!


  1. I cried reading this! See you tomorrow, God! I'll be delighted to share another day & beer with you! Beautiful, Richard!!!!!!

  2. You are so sweet...Thank you Debbie...I'll have to opt for a "shirley temple", instead of the beer!...I've been sober it will be 7 years, on May 3rd!!

  3. ... this is such a beautiful, soul~kissing prayer, Rich... My only comment is: AMEN.