Monday, December 20, 2010


Everyone is taking pills.
Having sex.
They're loading up on Jesus.
They're eating like pigs.
Load up.
Grab more.
Inhale deeply.
Just take something.
It will take the edge off.
Forget reality.
It's too painful.
Our collective synapses are fried.
Our circuits are breaking.
Don't push me.
Everything is out of focus.
You're all insane.
That's it.
Sometimes I feel all alone.
No one's like me.
But I won't get loaded.
Not right now.
Maybe in five minutes.
There's too much to deal with.
I do want to be like everyone else.
It's only a dream, anyway.
So, I'll load up.
On thoughts.
On words.
On my illusions.

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